We started the trip with a short visit to Nurnberg to visit Aunt Karin. We also stopped at the Longchamp store in Nurnberg. Dan’s sister Megan has incredible style. While they visited in November, we talked about how annoying it is to carry tons of bags while traveling. She recommended the cross body bags by Rebecca Minkoff. Best advice ever. I’m in love with them and I use them ALL the time. If you love style, do yourself a favor and check out her Youtube channel and Instagram here—>  InstagramYoutube . Her videos are so fun to watch, you’ll love them.

I’ve been wanting a Longchamp bag for traveling for a few months and I finally bought one. They are pretty pricy in the states (about $145 at Nordstroms) but I scored this one for 67 Euro (73 dollars)! Don’t get me wrong… I love to shop but I also LOVE to get a great deal. As you can tell by this picture, I love love love neutral bags. One of the bags in this picture I only paid 99cents for because I bought it with points from my AMEX on Amazon!


We made our way out of the city and to Aunt Karin’s house. We had such a relaxing night! She made delicious homemade schnitzel (literally the best I’ve had in Germany) and packed our bags to the brim with sweets and goodies. I’ve had a pretty bad cold lately so I drank a LOT of tea with honey. Staying with Aunt Karin is one of our very favorite things to do while we are traveling 🙂 We woke up early for breakfast, said our goodbyes and headed to Munich.

We were about 45 minutes into our road trip when I realized… I FORGOT MY NIKON. Holy moly. This never.ever.happens. I snapped all of these pictures with my iPhone. Here are a few pictures of us walking through Munich.

A park we stopped by to stretch our legs near Munich.

Driving through Munich

I love this man!



Dan always finds a lion when we travel.. it never fails.


Even though he didn’t speak English, this guy was willing to take a picture for us 🙂

A delicious bakery in the same plaza, you can see Marienplatz in the background.

Trying out a new sweet treat. Dan liked it, I wasn’t such a huge fan.

Espresso. The fastest way to my heart.
When in Munich… take time to enjoy a cappuccino and a long walk.



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