Ohhh the Wine–>Cora. Forbach, France


To be honest, it was Dan’s idea. They were having a tent wine sale at Cora Market in France. He wanted to surprise me with wine but we ended up going together with our friends. You would not believe how much wine they had at this place. It was slightly overwhelming and the majority of the labels were in French. So we focused on the words “vin sec” or dry wine and picked the ones with the best labels of course. I’m a huge fan of dry red wine… I’m not usually picky but I’m definitely more of a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Malbec kind of girl.


I even scored an adorable wine box that I’m going to use for decor in my house.

Travis, Krissy and I determined this was our favorite from the ones we tasted so far.

However, I won’t discriminate completely because I’m also a huge fan of muscadine wine. If you’re in North Carolina make sure you stop by Cypress Bend Vineyard in Wagram, NC for a tasting (and some dancing) if you go on a Friday night in the summer time. Their Autumn and Campbell wines are two of my very favorites!  (Visit their website here!)

If you love blueberry, blackberry, raspberry or strawberry wine… Wolfe Vineyards in Snow Camp, North Carolina was another one of my favorites. (Wolfe Wines Website).

Towards the end of the reds in the tent we found a bottle with Bees on them 🙂

Exploring the world, one glass of wine at a time.



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