There’s something special about a small town. There is a warm familiar
feeling you get every time you come home. There is community. There is love. There are slow sunsets and sweet ice cream after dinner. There are close embraces from family, friends, past teachers and many many more. There is front porch sitting. There is baseball. There is play time with the little ones.  

Where there is this kind of love there is also loss. We all loved our grandpa. After a long painful year the Lord called him home. I am at peace knowing he is no longer suffering. He will be remembered as a man who always made us laugh, taught us to dance and yelled constantly at the TV.

My brothers and sisters were all able to make it home. We laughed, we cried and we held one another close. It was a sad few days but we were happy to be together. We played euchre, drank a few beers and colored in adult coloring books (if you haven’t tried it, you should!).


Luckily, I was also able to visit my Grandma Jo while I was home. For a long time, she has been my rock, my pen pal and my best friend. I was so excited to introduce her to my fiancé Dan. She cried when she saw me and when I had to leave I too had lots of tears that fell.  

As I sit in the airport, I am reluctant to board the plane. My heart is heavy and I’m so sad to go. Every time I leave this small town I leave a piece of my heart behind.

When you get the chance to go home… Enjoy a sweet cup of ice cream and hold the ones you love close because you never know when it’ll be the last time.



I honestly think that sometimes things happen that you can’t explain… Like why we got upgraded to first class unexpectedly (for free!).

Coincidence? I think not… 

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Hi friends, I'm Jenny. My wild and adventurous heart is the fire that drives me to love life and to travel as far and as much as I can. I also LOVE photography. Come along on my adventures and read about them here. Enjoy!!!

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