Shredding. I use this word because Dan is an everyday comedian. We went to the local sports store to rent his ski gear for a weekend in Garmish. He used this word excessively with the rental guy. So much so the guy couldn’t help but laugh at him. [Lets just set the record straight… I was definitely not shredding on the slopes, I was trying not to break anything haha.]

Zugspitze: 2,962m

At 2,962m above sea level the Zugspitze is the tallest mountain in Germany. It’s nestled into the Wetterstein Mountians. We stayed at a lodge resort in Garmish-Partenkirchen (I bet you can’t say that five times fast without messing it up). It’s an incredibly long city name because it used to be two cities that combined into one.

The surrounding area of Bavaria reminded me of the “typical Germany” we learned about in school. It was beautiful and I absolutely can’t wait to go back. (To be honest I have a long way to go with skiing. I grew up in Michigan were we ski on mini hills… It doesn’t even compare to skiing in Germany and Switzerland.) 

It was snowing pretty hard at the top but was nice and sunny at the bottom of the mountain. I skied with my friend Katie for most of the day. Despite the wind and sometimes difficult runs, we survived the day. Dan and Ryan would usually wait for us to catch up along the way. We stopped at one of the lodges for lunch with some friends of ours. It was warm and cosy and the food was surprisingly really good.


After a long day of skiing we headed back to shower and grab dinner. Trusty ole “Yelp” led us to success with a top ranked Italian restaurant in the area (rated #2!). It wasn’t even a decision really. Dan and I are always game for Italian food.  

When I asked the waiter what region their wines were from he chuckled and said “Italy, of course.” I knew immediately this was my kind of restaurant. We started with our favorite appetizer: bruschetta.  It never gets old and the closer you get to Italy, the better it tastes.


I chose the spinach and Gorgonzola tortillini. I don’t usually order pasta but I couldn’t resist it sounded so amazing. You guessed it…. Dan ordered pizza like usual! If you know us well… you know that we prioritize dessert when traveling and we ALWAYS save room. However, I never imagined the tortellini was going to be THAT good. I had to skip dessert. This was a first while traveling. 

As you can tell I was still pretty sick with a cold but after a long day on the slopes the wind put some color on my face.

One thing that traveling the world has taught me: If it scares you a little bit or challenges you…do it. You’ll come out exhausted and sore but you’ll get better with time.

Some day I’ll be “shredding” too.



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