We started the day with giant cappuccinos and a crash course of teaching Krissy how to drive a manual car. Surprisingly we all made it to Europa Park in one piece and she never stalled the car! If you’ve ever traveled in Europe, you’ll notice that almost all of the cars you rent have manual transmissions so it’s a great skill to have.

Cappuccinos because there is no other way to start the day. Even at McDonalds in Germany they have amazing coffee. Dan also insisted on eating chocolate cake for breakfast –> that’s why I love him!
When we arrived to the park they rerouted us through fields used for farming, sort of sketchy but eventually it rerouted us back to the parking lot areas. Upon entering the park it was lined with flags from many of the European countries. It also had a gorgeous fountain with impeccably kept flower beds. —>I would so hire them to do mine if they were closer but that’s a different story.

You learn to not let the small things (like weeds in your imperfect flower bed) bother you. Traveling the world is far more important to me than creating an image of a perfectly manicured life. (Can I get an Amen?)


Each part of the park was based on a different country. So as we were walking along it was like traveling the world one country at a time.

We started at the front of the park and our crew went on all of the big roller coasters except the wooden one. I tend to get incredibly motion sick so instead I enjoyed the sunshine and my favorite new summer drink… a cappuccino slushie (to die for!).

Dan and I took our engagement pictures during our trip to Zermatt, Switzerland. Many of the pictures had Matterhorn in the background, so they went on this ride. I was tempted to as well but once we stood in line for 45 mins I realized there were way too many turns on it for this girl!

All of these treats looked incredible but we resisted buying any until the very end. Right before we left the park we bought some of the fresh almonds covered in sugary goodness. The smell of the almonds cooking was irresistible.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the immaculately maintained flower beds. This park was so beautiful!

Needless to say… I drank a lot of espresso that day!
Eventually we got hungry for dinner as we headed into the Spain section of the park. This restaurant reminded me of reading about Don Quichotte in Spainsh class in high school! It looked really nice but we ended up staying low key and ate at an outdoor tapas bar.

This was the place we ended up eating at! So yummy!

Daniel and his liter of Sangria. I was the DD for the trip–>Cola Light for me!
We had to walk back to the front of the park through this magical forest. I’m pretty sure Dan had more fun than most of the kids there. Here he is attempting to milk a unicorn.


These three make me laugh so much!
The last ride was the Merry go Round. Krissy insisted that it’s a tradition, “You have to ride the Merry go round, it’s a rule.” So on we went with all the adorable little kids. Even when you’re 27 it’s still fun :).


When in Germany:  #AlwaysridetheMerryGoRound





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