Whewwww… It seems like every time we plan a trip I tell myself I’ll be ahead on the laundry and I’ll pack a few days before we leave. Guess how many times that has actually happened… <NEVER>. It sounds like the perfect solution to my never ending packing catastrophes but in reality we are too busy to actually make it happen. So here we are less than 12 hours from leaving and I’m doing laundry and packing light (yeah RIGHT!).

It starts out like this: Ok… what do I need? Pants… I’m always cold so I’ll pack some skinny jeans but really I need to pack leggings–>because I’m all about being comfortable while traveling. In go a pair of jeans and two pairs of leggings. Wait… maybe I should check the weather…

Oh crap it’s going to rain too. Alright now I need a versatile jacket that’s waterproof preferably with a hood. I wore my black one recently to the gym… now where is it? Ahhh the laundry. Back to square one. I’ll put that load in next. It’s also going to be partially sunny… let’s be honest my legs could use some sun. I’ll bring two pairs of shorts just in case.

Ok.. so on to activities.. We will be hiking, walking and potentially kayaking (just me since Dan is still in his cast!). So now I need to pack workout gear. More leggings, long sleeve shirts and a few tanks go into the back pack.

I swore to my friends I wasn’t going to pack cosmetics this trip. Although at the time this seemed feasible…I’m changing my mind. I always feel more prepared to take on the day once I have mascara on (and a few shots of espresso too). I absolutely love these little sample size products you get from Sephora or Nordstroms when you order a certain amount. They are PERFECT for traveling. I even got a few of the fragrance samplers so I don’t have to pack a bulky perfume either.

As for make-up I’m bringing my trusty old Lorac pro- 3 shadows mini palate. It’s perfect for travel. I’m also bringing my Everything Eyes by Bobbi Brown. The Bobby Brown eyeshadows are not as pigmented as I’d like but are buildable… and it comes with these perfect mini brushes for travel. That’s what sold me on this palate.

On to shower supplies—> A mini shampoo/conditioner/bodywash, mini hairspray, comb and teasing brush. I refuse to leave home without my Mary Kay facewash, lotion and mini MicroD set…it’s the one thing I’ll never cheat on. I’ve been using it for ten years and I’m still in love. #teamclearskinforthewin

Last but not least, shoes. This trip is going to be mostly outdoors so sneakers, flip flops and one dressy pair of sandals too. Three pairs of shoes for one trip is a huge WIN in my book!

Don’t forget to pack undies! (Or go commando if that’s your thing!)




Ps. A special thanks to my best friend for always carrying the heavy back pack. That’s why you’re my favorite!😉

My sweet Aria

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Hi friends, I'm Jenny. My wild and adventurous heart is the fire that drives me to love life and to travel as far and as much as I can. I also LOVE photography. Come along on my adventures and read about them here. Enjoy!!!

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