Ischgl, Austria:

We went on our annual ski trip with one of our favorite couples. It was about a 6-hour drive to Austria but well worth the trip. Dan blew us away with his selection of an Airbnb on this trip. The townhouse had a spa room which contained a sauna and jacuzzi. This place was incredible and after each long cold day of skiing, we thoroughly enjoyed the spa room! We even added a few drops of peace+calming to the sauna…BEST. Idea. Ever. On our way home,we stopped in Reutte, Austria and crossed the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge called “Highline 179.” We did it even though it was terrifying with how windy and cold it was that day.





Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland:

Dan’s brother was in Europe for a few short days so we decided to take a quick trip to the slopes in Switzerland. Dan and Eric grew up skiing in Pennsylvania. I could tell how happy Dan was having his brother with him for the weekend. We enjoyed everything you could ask for in a perfect weekend: skiing, wine and great company.

The sweetest man I’ve ever met ❤️

Zugspitze, Germany:

The gondola ride to the top of the mountain had me the closest I’ve ever been to peeing my pants as an adult. I was terrified, tachycardic, sweaty and gross. Now I’d like to say that we had a nice cup of coffee at the top but straight liquor was the only thing that would calm my nerves. #illtakeadoubleplease

Meanwhile this beauty next to me was smiling and laughing and taking ridiculously great pictures. Once my heart rate slowed to about 110, we went onto the top deck to see the view.




The first day we skied the Garmish classic. Now by no means am I an advanced skier but I really enjoy it. Watching all of the snowboarders crash a million times was also incredibly entertaining. And oh my gosh a 3-year-old on a snowboard….quite possibly the most adorable thing ever.

The second day we woke up and went up the Zugspitze gondola a second time. It’s by far one of the scariest things to me. It wouldn’t be so awful except that when the cable car went over the large towers, it stops for a moment and sways back and forth before moving further up the mountain. I’m so thankful for nondrowsy Dramamine, otherwise, it would have been a terrible ride for the 20 other people crammed in the car with us. When my feet hit hard land at the top I thanked the Lord baby Jesus for helping us make it safely to the top (and promised to take the hour long train down). Haha

We skied half of the day and then I had hot chocolate and lunch in the lodge. A nice German guy joined me for lunch and we talked about how he was teaching all four of his kids to ski. Let’s be honest, Dan will have to teach our kids someday because he is SO much better than me! I really missed him this trip because he would ski 1/2 way and wait for me but Abby and I had a blast and I can’t wait to go back next year!



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