Dan got home from deployment in January, seriously one of the happiest days of my life. I knew he would be hungry after the long flight so I left super early (if you know me well, you know without a doubt this is WAY out of character for me). I stopped at Chipotle prior to going to the airport. It’s one of our favorites, so I wanted to surprise him with it.

He texted me when he landed saying he was just waiting for his bags. I lied to him and told him I would be late. (Not unusual for me, haha). Little did he know I was standing on the other side of the terminal exit impatiently waiting.

When he walked out he was shocked and relieved to see me. I asked him if he was hungry. He said “Nahhh lets just go home.” I winked at him and said cheerfully, “OK cool, I’ll eat my chipotle AND yours.” He laughed and life felt so normal already. It surprised me that after 9 months of being apart it took about 30 seconds to slide right back into our usual humorous banter.

Nevertheless, it felt so amazing to have him back. We had a welcome home dinner with our close friends. We traveled back to Philadelphia to see his family and friends. His brother and sister in law threw such an amazing surprise welcome home party for him. It included all of his favorite things: friends, Eagles football and Yuengling.

This experience taught us a lot about love and life. Without a doubt life is more fun and incredible together.



Ps. Our last date was at the golfing range of course 🙂


The day he left 😦


First Day home!



Heading back to America!
Only read this book if you’re interested in research results. haha

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